Students: Mariana Santana , Ana Sofia Amador, Gonçalo Batista, João Gama Varandas School: Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa - FAUTL Academic Level / Program: Graduate Student Project Year: 2012
"Cooking, like architecture, manifests itself in building. The cook, like the architect, draws on an infinite array of create resources which make it possible to create wonders from basic construction materials. But even using the finest marble or the best caviar, success is not guaranteed. Architecture, like cooking, evolves and lasts in the form of memories, tastes, and temperatures" - Ferran Adriá Read More

Students: Tiago Sa , André Vergueiro, Carolina Castro School: Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto Academic Level / Program: Graduate Student / M.Arch Year 5 Project Year: 2011
This competition was part of a 48 hour architecture marathon (GO! Competition v.3.0) , where the task was to design a mortuary home for funeral ritual in Porto, Portugal. Read More

Student: Agata Wozniczka School: ETSA UAH Madrid Academic Level / Program: Graduate Student / BA. Arch Year 6 Project Year: 2010
SAUNA project establishes ecological revitalization of a fragment of the right shore of Vistula River in Warsaw. The site for saunas is an area between two bridges: Dlasko-Drabrowski and Gdanski. The proposal for multifunctional program contains: sauna complexes for both male and female, outdoor jacuzzi, outdoor pool for soaking into, leisure terrace and a restaurant...Read More

Student: Clay Bismarc Anderson School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Architecture Academic Level / Program: Graduate Student / M.Arch Project Year: 2011
This project was a competition entry during my internship with Takenaka in Japan this summer (2011). The competition was entitled 'Another Reality', and based around a potential nuclear radioactive future. The main question is how we might have to live when the lines between inside and outside become so severe. Read More

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