ARCHIDUCK is a global archive of architecture STUDENT WORK from around the world.

They'res tons of websites and blogs out there dedicated to architecture, but we're the first to be solely dedicated to the work of the student. You may know or you may not, but architecture students are some of the hardest working kids of 'em all--So why not show the beautiful work they produce?

Archiduck is a constantly growing archive and blog of work for critique, promotion, and the pure act of shared creativity. So enjoy.

How Does it Work?

It's easy, random person! Just signup, and click on the submit link in that fat red bar above. Just fill out a bit about your project, upload some quacktastic images, and hit submit! Then one of our archiduck editors will review it, and if approved, it will appear on the front page and forever in our archiduck archive

Founder: Chris Malcolm, chris-malcolm.com, M.Arch Student, MIT