Tanatório Agramonte
Students: Tiago Sa , André Vergueiro, Carolina Castro School: Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto Academic Level / Program: Graduate Student / M.Arch Year 5 Project Year: 2011 Project Type: Architecture
Interior Perspective

This competition was part of a 48 hour architecture marathon (GO! Competition v.3.0) , where the task was to design a mortuary home for funeral ritual in Porto, Portugal.

Exterior Perspective

Conceptual Diagram (From Left to Right, Top to Bottom): 1- block defined by main street and cemetery 2- volumetric opening - city block 3- block defragmentation - traditional city quarter 4- program distribution through cult logic 5- cult spaces aiming to the sky - verticality 6- traditional city quarter roof character verticality

The shape raises from the ground to define the street in an attempt to control the permanent link between the introspective forested area and the existing graveyard space annex.

Thus a new block is given to the city with a space for reflection, providing an environment not exposed directly to the public.

Plan 1. Entry 2. Concierge 3. Washroom 4. Florist 5. Waiting Room 6. Ante-chamber 7. Funeral Hall 8. Farewell Room / Chapel 9. Chapel Services 10. Outside Entrance to the Chapel 11. Resting room 12. Administrative Services 13. Washroom 14. Copa 15. Bar 16 Cafeteria

Fundamental to the design of this dome, was the creation of an internal logic path for funeral ritual.

The path is divided into two approaches, first a moment of mourning and introspection. From here, there is a way into the main chapel, that then distributes to the three ceremony chapels.

The building becomes the hinge between this dark moment and the next "breathing" moment, appears connected with the garden and the program of a social character.

Longitudinal Section

Submission by Tiago Sa, Last Edited By Chris M.
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