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The pain of renumbering In most offices, your documentation set will consist of a set of sheets, and each sheet has a titleblock with a zone for details/views/drawings/etc...whatever you want to call them, in revit there called views. Now these views generally have a corresponding number ascending from the bottom right to top left, for two reasons. Referencing from other drawings, but also the order is due to the binding normally being on the left hand side, and drawings should try to be as...
Chris Malcolm

Chris Malcolm is an aspiring architect, web developer, and designer originally from Florida. A MIT M.Arch Graduate, he currently is based in San Francisco, employed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill. He enjoys creating tools both professionally and for fun. As for tooling, architecturally speaking, Rhino and Grasshopper is his first love, with revit,dynamo,passion as close seconds. Outside of architecture tooling, he loves all things javascript, html, python, and regular expressions.

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