Graduate Works (WIP)
Year: 2014
Currently a work in progress, Graduate works is a compilation of various architectural works completed while pursuing a masters degree at MIT.
Undergraduate Portfolio
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Year: 2010
My University of Florida Undergraduate Portfolio produced for acceptance into grad school.
Sample Works
Sample Works 2014
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Year: 2014
A combination of Graduate projects produced at MIT and professional work samples from 2010 - 2014 for job applications. Samples are Low quality: Drawings are rasterized and pages are 100dpi , see Graduate portfolio for higher quality PDF.
Sample Works 2011
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Year: 2011
Work samples, a combination of undergraduate work from University of Florida and first year (partial) of graduate school at MIT. This booklet was created for job applications.
Yarditecture: New Walls for Trenchtown
Year: 2014
Thesis centered around creating a new housing strategy for the yards of Trenchtown, located in Kingston, Jamaica. Completed as partial Requirement for MIT M. Arch degree.